Dr. Heather Thompson, RAc, RTCMP, DCTM, ADS

Dr. Thompson has been a fully qualified and licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner in Alberta and British Columbia since 2006. She took her training at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Victoria, B.C.

Heather also continued her training through an internship program in China at Cheng Du University of TCM and An Hui University of TCM. In 2005, Heather successfully completed her training and examinations in acupuncture and finished her studies in Herbology in 2006.

As well as a TCM practitioner, Heather is a yoga instructor, and has continued to expand her knowledge base with courses in complementary and integrative medicine, including Acutonics (2009-2012) and Aromatic Kinesiology (2013). Heather is actively involved in the TCM community with regular attendance at national conferences and volunteering her time as a co-founder of the YYC Acupuncture Project (YARP). YARP provided over 2200 free treatments for stress relief after the June 2013 floods in Southern Alberta, https://www.facebook.com/CalgaryFloodAcupunctureReliefProject.

Passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, Dr. Thompson blends classical training with hands on experience; because she believes in an integrated approach. She seeks to help students discover the depths of knowledge they are each capable of, and express it in their own way, finding their unique path as practitioners.

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