Dr. Ganna (Aniya) Shalygina, R.Ac, TCMD, RMT

​Dr. Ganna Shalygina is an alumni of ACATCM, holding Diplomas in Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the Diploma in Massage Therapy from Calgary's Mount Royal University.

Pursuing her academic studies and traveling worldwide, Dr. Ganna has gained a deep understanding of how complementary health modalities, when used conjunctively, can bring on healing on many different levels- encompassing the physical, spiritual and emotional states of being.

Dr. Shalygina has acquired diplomas in Thai Massage and Thai Reflexology from Southeast Asia, Holistic Reflexology at the Calgary College of Holistic Health and Clinics, as well as in Raindrop Therapy at Seminars for Health in Calgary. Dr. Shalygina has also had an opportunity to study Auricular Medicine under honourable Dr. Lichun Huang, the world's number one expert in the field of Auricular Medicine.

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